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Jeep Alaska This was my first Jeep, a '79 CJ7.  Not long after I bought it, the 258 I-6 blew and I threw a Chevy 350 in with an advanced adapter to the T-150 3 speed.  Then I sold it.  The kid I sold it to got hit by a person running a stop sign, and totaled it two weeks after I sold it.
On my way to work a couple of years later, I ran across this '84 Cj7 that happened to have the same motor from my old '79.  I had to buy it.  Yes those are flames on the hood.  They were there when I bought it.  Jeep Alaska


Jeep Alaska The inside was pretty thrashed, so I started stripping it all out so I could fix it up a little. Jeep Alaska
Jeep Alaska I stripped out everything.  Then sprayed Zolatone on the inside of the body, and made a stainless steel dash.  I also decided to go with 4" round tail lights.   Smitty built front roll cage was added later. Jeep Alaska


Jeep Alaska

Two tranny's later, I went with a SM465 4-speed tranny and NP205 transfer case.  Then I blew out the rear axle so I put a Scout Dana 44 under the rear and did a spring over conversion.  I kept blowing out front hubs so I went with the WARN internal hub conversion kit.

Jeep Alaska
After numerous weekends, it was finally done.
Jeep Alaska

The CJ is now in my garage (Dec `06) for the changeover to a Dana 60 front and rear.

I will add those project photos as the project gets going.